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for Francis Howell School District Board of Education



Let's get back to basics.

I am a father of 2 just starting out in FHSD and a resident of St. Charles for over a decade. As a board member, it will be my duty to provide the students of FHSD every opportunity to excel academically, be challenged at their level, and have a truly great experience. I will ensure support for teachers, the parents are included and given transparency, provide fiscal responsibility, and the academics/curriculum  are supported by logic, truth and facts. The obvious irresponsibility with Prop S spending is an atrocity and it’s obvious that changes need to be made due to the board’s lack of oversight and transparency.


It is apparent the teachers need more support, time and tools, that will be provided. Their job is incredibly important and stressful, and I’ll do all I can to ensure their needs are met. My promise to the teachers, students, and administration is to always listen, not just hear, and be their pragmatic voice when the challenges and stresses of the day become overwhelming. This, in turn, will provide the best possible outlook when addressing the challenges and curriculum/academic advances of the district.


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